The four founding members of CLIMAL, with more than twenty years of service and language teaching experience, – Viviana Wilma Flores, Karla Rojas, Oscar Rosas and Osvaldo Mamani – are poised to begin offering their language learning program here in Cochabamba. All four are highly qualified and experienced language professors certified in the communicative methodology.

All four members of CLIMAL have shown their wide expertise in the teaching of Spanish, Quechua and Aymara, as well as in guiding facets of a uniquely designed cultural orientation module to accompany the language part of the program. In launching this project and center, the members of CLIMAL seek to build mission directed to participants from missionary religious communities, professionals and long term and sort term volunteers.


El departamento de Cochabamba tiene una situación geográfica estratégica que lo convierte en el corazón de Bolivia. Es el centro articulador del país pues permite la convergencia nacional a través de caminos y carreteras. Tiene una diversidad increíble de producción agropecuaria.