Viviana Wilma Flores

Viviana Wilma Flores



City and Country of Origin:


Languages Spoken:

Spanish and Quechua

Spanish and Quechua Teacher

Licensed in Linguistics Applied to Teaching Languages (Mayor de San Simón University)
Degree in Teaching Quechua as a Second Language (Mayor de San Simón University)
Degree in Higher Education (Salesiana University)

Favorite Places in Cochabamba:
I love going to the countryside to visit smaller villages of the upper and lower valley.
I also really like visiting spaces where you can appreciate culture and nature.

General Interests:
Reading, traveling and experiencing Bolivia, sharing my experiences with others,
riding bikes, sometimes participating in biking competitions

Personal Statement:
The city of Cochabamba is a valley surrounded by mountains and has a mild climate; it’s not cold nor hot, it’s perfect!
People in Cochabamba are very friendly and have a good appetite. Cochabamba is considered the Gastronomy Capital of Bolivia.
And of course, is the best place to study Spanish, Quechua and Aymara. Come and be a part of a new experience!