Karla Rojas Cuba

Karla Rojas Cuba



City and Country of Origin:

Potosí, Bolivia

Languages Spoken:

Spanish, English, Quechua and French

Spanish and English Teacher

Licensed in Linguistics Applied to Language Teaching (Mayor de San Simón University)
Degree in Higher Education (Mayor de San Simón University)
Degree in Digital Design and Multimedia (UCATEC University)
Masters in Teaching Spanish as a foreign Language (Atlantic European University)

Favorite Places in Cochabamba:
El parque de la Familia, El Cristo de la Concordia, La Angostura, El Prado, El Boulevard

General Interests:
Going to the movie theaters and concerts, dancing, playing volleyball, biking, and traveling

Personal Statement:
Hello 🙂 I love living in the eternal spring city of Cochabamba!  It is a marvelous city, full of activities of every kind. Furthermore, I really like teaching Spanish. CLIMAL allows me to develop professional skills, such as new and innovative teaching methods. Students are happy here; not only because of our classes, but also because of the wide variety of intercultural activities and opportunities offered.
Come to CLIMAL, be part of this big family and experience a total immersion language program in the Latin-American culture!