Juan Osvaldo Mamani Alanoca

Juan Osvaldo Mamani Alanoca


City and Country of Origin:

La Paz – Bolivia

Languages Spoken:

Spanish, Aymara, and a little English

Spanish and Aymara Teacher

Licensed in Linguistics Applied to Teaching Languages (Mayor de San Andrés Universtiy)
Degreea in Tools for Personal and Social Transformation (Salesiana University) 

Favorite Places in Cochabamba:
I like the historical towns of Cochabamba, such as Punata, Cliza, Arani, Tarata, Toco, El Chapare, and other places.
In the city of Cochabamba, I like the parks, restaurants and historical places.

Favorite Places in Cochabamba:
Traveling to places of history, meeting people from other cultures, sharing my cultures with others, enjoying nature, playing soccer, riding bikes, going on walks, enjoying all kids of foods

Personal Statement:
Brothers and sisters of the world, come share your culture and learn another culture through a new language and the practice of “living well.”