How Long Does It Take To Learn Spanish

Learning a language like Spanish is an amazing process, and every stage of it can be very fulfilling.

We offer a 6-week course (120 academic hours), or you can take the course amount needed for you!



Course I: January 10th to February 18th

Course II: February 21st to April 1st

Course III: April 4th to May 13th

Course IV: May 23rd to July 1st

Course V: July 4th to August 12th

Course VI: August 15th to September 23rd

Course VII: September 26th to November 4th

Course VIII: November 7th to December 16th

**Note: Start dates are flexible according to student availability.


Course I: January 9th to February 17th

Course II: February 20th to March 31st

Course III: April 3rd to May 12th

Professional Educational Development May 15-19

Course IIII: May 22nd to June 30th

Course V: July 3rd to August 11th

Course VI: August 14th to September 22nd

Course VII: September 25th to November 3rd

Course VIII: November 6th to December 15th

Course Type

In-person Classes 

With in-person courses,  the instructor and students are both physically present in the classroom space.  However, we can also accommodate remote attendance by the instructor or students if needed due to COVID-related interruptions.

Online Classes

With online courses,  the instructor and students connect virtually via Skype or Zoom. 


Our program includes a short orientation.  Before the start of the course, you will be given information about the program and life in Cochabamba.