Course Content

Level: Beginner

Communicative Objectives:

– Use the language to speak about familiar topics related to your personal life and able to combine learned material to express your personal message
– Ask simple questions and able to navigate a basic survival situation
– Construct sentences in the language, form simple sentences to a series of sentences, typically in the present tense
– Be understood by conversational partners accustomed to working with non-native speakers

Level: Intermediate

Communicative Objectives:

– Ability to create sentences using the language and speak about familiar topics realted to daily life
– Ask simple questions
– Navigate various situations with basic survival
– Produce the language using sentences

-Understood by natives accostumed  to speaking to foreigners

Level: Advanced

Communicative Objectives:

– Converse in a clear and participatory manner to communicate about autobiographical topics, such as topics of communal interest, national or international
– Speak about concrete topics by using narration and description mainly in past, present, and future tense
– Navigate a variety of social situations with an unexpected complication using the language abundantly; the spoken paragraph is the measure of the extent and organization of your speech
– Have sufficient control of basic structures and general vocabulary to be understood by native speakers in the language, including those that are not accustomed to speaking with foreigners

Level: Superior

Communicative Objectives:

– Communicate with precision and fluency – participate completely and effectively in conversations about a variety of topics in formal and informal contexts with concrete and abstract perspectives
– Discuss and explain about personal interests, areas of specialty, and complex issues in detailed form
– Produce the language in an extensive and coherent manner, with ease, fluency and precision