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– INITIAL REGISTRATION Cost US $100.00. This deposit is non-refundable nor deducted from the cost of the course. It funds the orientation program that CLIMAL offers: cultural experiences, weekly conferences, recreational facilities, as well as volunteer programs and other services.
– LANGUAGE PROGRAM Cost US $1,680.00 for each 6-week course.
The payment is paid at the beginning of the course or charged to your Community Diocese or the entity that sent you. Due to the obligations of our faculty, this payment amount cannot be returned.
– Book: US $70.00
COST OF HOSPITALITY: CLIMAL offers the service of Bolivian host families. The price includes housing, food, and laundry, and most importantly an immersion experience and opportunities to create new interpersonal relationships.
Students: US $450.00 monthly or US $15.00 daily
Married Couples: US $900.00 per month
Kids under 5 years of age: US $120.00 per month
Kids between 6 and 10 years of age: US $210.00 per month
Kids between 10 and 14 years of age: US $240.00 per month
– 120 hours per 6 weeks (4 academic hours per day) US $ 1,320.00
– 60 hours per 6 weeks (2 academic hours per day) US $ 780.00
– 30 hours per 6 weeks (1 academic hour per day) US $ 420.00
– Less than 4 hours per week: US $ 15.00 each hour
– Digital Book: US $50.00